Double Fun

In daily life normally I got myself so engaged with my work because of that I found no time for family, so one day I decided to have some fun with family so I took leave from my work. My family planned to visit a zoo, so next day we were going to Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane. We were so excited and after all we were going somewhere after a long time.

Finally we gone to visit that zoo, we enjoyed while travelling and made so much fun there. My son and daughter were so happy. When we were coming outside from the zoo, a boy gave a broacher to me in which a link of online casino gaming website was given. I ignored it that time and when I came back to home, I rechecked that broacher.

I thought I should try that because I was free to do anything that day, so I opened that link. There was so many games were available for playing but whole website was focusing on a single poker machine. Name of that slot machine was The Twisted Circus, so I opened that pokie.

That slot machine was looking so attractive and theme was very easy to understand, it was a five reel and 243 ways poker machine. I was finding myself little confused with 243 ways so I extract all the information about this, and when I was done with 243 ways I take some reviews for that pokie. It was a fun game with some wild symbols like circus logos and animals.

For some time I played that one for free but when I found that I was comfortable with that slot, I started playing with real money and played that one for a long time. I enjoyed my whole day, it was a nice experience and next morning my family planned to visit London for 7 days next time.